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The Growing Forward Community is where it all happens. This is a safe space where fellow seekers can come together to share their insights and support each other in their growth. 


  1. Members of the community will have the opportunity to join Dr. Stacy live, twice/week, during her early morning writing practice via a conference call. Dr. Stacy will introduce the prompt, after which everyone will be invited to write for 15 minutes, with time to offer brief reflections at the end. Each session will be recorded for you to listen and use at your convenience. 
  2. The community is also a space where members will not only be encouraged to connect with Dr. Stacy but also with each other. Feel free to offer your own insights and pieces of writing, and your own prompts for the group. Remember we are all seekers here with wisdom to borrow and expertise to share. 
  3. Dr. Stacy will also show up in the community via live ZOOM calls twice/month to answer questions that are coming up in the community. 
  4. The community is also the place where Dr. Stacy will host special events with guests who are interested in sharing their gifts and expertise related to Growing Forward. 
  5. Each special guest contributor will not only speak on the topic of growth but will also be invited to offer a prompt and possibly join us in a group expressive writing exercise that we will use for our practice together.