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Tips for starting a mindfulness practice at home now

Now, more than ever, we need to learn how to dim the noise. I’ve put together 6 things you can start doing right now to begin a mindfulness practice at home. Read on!

1.  Understand that you can meditate.

Everyone can do it. There is no wrong way to do it. Your mind will wander.  Everyone’s does. The key here is to accept this fact and not judge yourself for it. Practicing mindfulness is practicing how to accept without judgment.

2.  You can turn any activity into a mindfulness exercise.

All that is required is to first set the intention to give the activity all of your attention for a set period of time. When your mind wanders, just notice and come back to your intended focus

3.  Several mini practices throughout the day are actually more effective than one long practice.

Consider anchoring a mini practice to a routine part of your day. For example,  focusing on your breath for 2 minutes, 3 times per day, possibly before having a meal.

4.   Try to come to each practice with an open mind.

Sometimes your practice will leave you feeling much calmer and more focused; sometimes it won’t. The key here is to allow each time to be its own experience and to come to it without expectation. This is how this practice allows us to learn how to be present with what is and experience freedom’s from “the shoulds” that are the real source of our stress.

5.   Try to meditate with others. 

There is something really powerful about meditating in a group that helps us experience a deeper connection with each other.  There are a number of people who are leading live meditations online. @jeffwarren, the contributor to the GFSS, is one of our favorites. Follow his Do Nothing Project to join him for weekly free meditation, in community.

6.   Incorporate journaling into your practice.

Dimming the noise of the head and slowing down our brain waves is what allows us to have a greater awareness of whatever is true for us in the moment and to realize that the answers we are looking for arise from within. The Growing Forward Journal was created to help you make use of this insight to assist your ability to grow intentionally and consciously through anything. Download your free copy in the link here. To use it. Share it. We need this now more than ever.



Dr. Stacy