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Dr. Stacy Thomas

Dr. Stacy


Dr. Stacy Thomas is a Clinical Psychologist whose private practice in Toronto was inspired by her desire to assist those ready to truly Design their Lives.
With close to 20 years of experience helping people navigate significant life challenges, Dr. Thomas’ strength is in her ability to recognize resilience and teach people how to apply proven psychological strategies in order to move past mere survival and thrive in the face of adversity.
She has always been passionate about positive psychology. However, her own use of mindful practices, including expressive writing, led to a spiritual awakening that turned that passion into a calling. The Call to have a bigger impact was answered by her initiative to create The Growing Forward Journal, The Growing Forward Soul School and to lead workshops on the power and the practice of expressive writing for healing and growth to groups large and small.

Her willingness to answer The Call was met with a big affirmation from the Universe – the invitation to host The Mindful World Parenting Summit. This free, online event, that launched in January 2019, brought together the world’s top authorities in the areas of parenting, mental health, brain science, nutrition, education and mindfulness and was viewed by about 40,000 households from around the globe.
Whether speaking to one person or thousands, Dr. Stacy is honoured to have the privilege to create space for each person to learn how to access their truth and connect with the divine within them, and others.
Needless to say, she is so glad you are here.